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MadCity Racing is a USAC team based in Madison, WI. The team's primary focus is competing in the WCA Category 3/4 road series, and the WCA Category 3 cyclocross series. 


RACING 101: If you are new to bicycle racing and are considering giving it a try, here is a quick overview:

  1. Know Your Discipline: There are many different types of "Bike Racing". Most common are Road Racing/Criteriums, Cyclocross, Time Trialing, Mountain Bike. 
    1. Road Racing: This could be on open streets. Typically distances range between 20-60 miles per race. It could also be closed courses of approximately 1 mile or less, which you complete laps of. These races are called Criteriums, or "Crits", and are based on length of time, typically an hour or less. Crits are currently the most common form of racing available. 
    2. Cyclocross: This is a form of "all terrain" racing. Most races happen in the fall/winter. Courses will include a variety of grass, pavement, gravel, mud, and obstacles. Cyclocross bikes are a unique mix of road bikes with knobby tires. Courses are closed laps of 2 miles or less, and races are run in a time format ranging from 30-60 minutes. 
    3. Time Trialing: This is an individual form of racing, where rather than racing in a pack as all the other forms of racing noted here do, an individual races solo against the clock (and other individuals racing against the clock). This type of racing is always done on open streets on a course ranging from 15-40 kilometers. This is called the "Race of Truth", as it shows exactly how strong a rider is without the variability of pack riding. While it can be done on any bike, it is typically done on a specific time trial bike, which is set up to be as aerodynamic as possible. 
    4. Mountain Biking: While there are actually, dozens of types of mountain bike races, most common around here is a standard course of varying length done in a closed course lap manner based on a time from 30-120+ minutes. Any type of mountain bike can be used. 
  2. Know Your Format: Racing comes basically in two forms--Citizen and Licensed.
    1. Citizen Racing is open to anyone who is interested in trying it. Just show up to a race and register. Typically the races are a wide mix of levels and experience from first timers to experienced strong riders. The fields may start out larger and quickly break up into smaller packs. Historically, WI citizen class racing has had more traditional road races and time trials available. It is an ideal place to test racing if you've never done it before. 
    2. Licensed Racing is based on purchasing a license through USA Cycling. Licenses may be purchased on an annual or daily basis. Racers are grouped based on their experience into a Category from 5 to 1, with Cat 5 being beginners and Cat 1 being most experienced. Races are then grouped based on "Cat". Additionally, there are typically "open" races within the cat for all ages and "masters" races based on age. 
  3. Know Your Venue: Different organizations put on different races.
    1. WCA (Wisconsin Cycling Association)Run all the licensed road races, criteriums, time trials, and cyclocross races in WI. The vast majority of their road race schedule are Crits. MCV Racing primarily focuses oncompeting in the WCA Category 3/4 road series, and the WCA Category 3 cyclocross series. 
    2. WISportRun most of the citizen class races in WI. The majority of their races are traditional road courses and time trials. They do not currently do any crits or cyclocross races. 
    3. ABR: Run a number of time trials in IL and a few in WI. Occasionally, they also put on 1-2 road races. This is citizen class racing as well. 
    4. WORS (Wisconsin Off-Road Series): Run most of the mountain bike races in WI. They offer a number of categories based on experience. A license is required for this series. 
    5. WEMS (Wisconsin Endurance Mountain Bike Series: Run a unique series of citizen class mountain bike races that are LONG, endurance events ranging from 3-12+ hours that can be done individually or with a team. 
  4. How to get started: Decide your discipline first. Then decide on a format. Some disciplines will decide your format (mountain or cyclocross). Based on your format, check out the website for the corresponding venue. Be sure to talk to other bike riders as well. The best info isn't found on a website, it's found in a pack of riders riding together. 

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