Previously featured BKaMCRs

Shawn Bass (April 2015)

From the Couch to the Peloton

Shawn's been with MCV since 2008 and has been the Ride Coordinator for most of that time. This year he is the Vice President. Since his first event in '08, Shawn has worked to be an all-around racer, rather than being a specialist in any one discipline. His wins have come from consistency and regular attendance more so than from taking a sprint. Shawn can be found doing WCA events, WISport events, road races, crits, cyclocross races, time trials, and possibly even a gravel or mountain bike race.

In his few years of racing, Shawn has achieved:

  • 2013 Wisconsin Cup points 3rd place in Masters 35+ Cat 3/4 
  • 2013 WCA Series LaCrosse Omnium 3rd place in the Masters 35+ Cat 3/4
  • 2013 WISport Series 1st place in the Four-Person TTT with other MCV members
  • 2012 WISport Series 1st place overall in 30-34 Age Group
  • 2012 WISport Series 1st place TT Series in the 30-34 Age Group
  • 2012 & 2011 WISport Series 2nd place in the Four-Person TTT with other MCV members
  • Various medals in WISport events in 2012, 2011, and 2010
  • 2009 Completed Door County Half-Ironman
  • 2008 completed first road race

Shawn's Goals for 2015:

Shawn sees this as a year to get back the form he lost while distracted by marriage and house destruction. He will look to slowly build form over the road season and make a presence for MCV in the WCA peloton. Shawn also hopes to rest up in the race lull during August and come back really strong for CX this year.

Darryl Mataya (November 2014)

Go Hard

When Darryl Mataya walked into a Rochester Minnesota bike shop in 1969 with a fistful of paper boy savings and saw a Bottecchia Professional on display, he didn't know at the time that he was entering a unique culture that would lead to a lifetime fixation. A copy of Velo magazine on the counter, with pictures of the spring classics, was the gateway drug. For years he had to live off the scraps of an occasional Sports Illustrated article on Eddy Merckx or the hope that a library might have a recent copy of L'Equipe. When Greg LeMond was in the process of becoming the first American to win the Tour de France, the Wisconsin State Journal would publish a short weekly update on a back page in the Sunday sports section. That was enough. Two sentences would tell you that Greg lost 44 seconds in a time trial. Then a few sentences later you would learn that he gained 1'44 on something called the Peyresourde. You literally did the math in your head as you were reading, not trusting that whatever editor was told to put this bike race stuff in the paper would get around to listing the general classification standings. But college, more college, family, career, and a general fear of the unknown prevented Darryl from lining up himself to try his hand.

Fast forward to 1999 and a chance encounter with long time club member Steve Yahr while commuting convinced Darryl to give Wisport racing a try. The next thing he knew, he was on the start line of a Wisport road race in Whitewater with instructions to go as hard as he could at the start because "they will eventually slow down for a moment and you can catch your breath." He's been trying to catch his breath ever since.

Darryl then became active in the Atkins-Mad City club, serving as competition director when Atkins was dominating the team Wisport competition, and then later as club president for a few years. Over the years he has been witness to the growth of the club as it added many members, added the time trial event, saw the growth in participation in WCA (USA cycling) events, Ironman participation by club members, and the participation of members in cyclocross events.

Along the way, Darryl has managed to win a couple of races, which was his entire goal when he started lining up to race - to be the first to cross the line, regardless of your age or category. In particular:

  • Multiple Mad City victories in the Grand View Firehouse 50 team time trial competition
  • 2009 Wisconsin State Cyclocross Champion in Masters Cat 4
  • 2011 Wisconsin Cyclocross Series Champion in Master 1-2-3

Today, every time Darryl lines up to race, he likes to reflect on how lucky he is to have the opportunity and the ability to enjoy this thrilling sport. He also remembers that he has to go hard at the start.


Hemanth Shenoi (September 2014)

“It never gets easier, you just go faster”

 MadCity Racing is honored to feature long-time (>15 years) club member and bike fanatic Hemanth Shenoi. The quote in the title is attributed to Greg LeMond, but its also Hemanth’s life motto.

Hemanth was a very active racer in WiSport in the early 2000’s, and took some time off to attend to work, family, and health reasons. He came back to “active” status in 2013 with a vengeance, absorbing everything he could about cyclocross. He raced 8 WCA ‘cross races last year, and has plans to race at least 10 this season, including the single-speed division.

He’s an avid bike collector, adhering to the “N+1” bike ownership formula. In addition to his numerous complete road and ‘cross bikes (which are often loaned or even gifted to other MCVers as necessary), he has several classic framesets, and enough wheelsets to run his own neutral race support company. He has an affinity for custom framebuilders, small or one-man shops to whom he feels a connection. He loves the special feeling one gets when actually consulting with the person who designs and builds your bike from raw materials. He’s the total cycling fan, and student of bike racing tactics, tradition, and aestethic.

Hemanth is crucial to the organization of MCV’s own race events, volunteering his energy to make the event a success to the club and area racers. He’s served in many roles, including being a past BMC race director.

His family (wonderful wife Debra and three amazing kids aged 17, 14, and 11) provide Hemanth the support and center to pursue his cycling goals. His goals? In Hemanth’s own words:

My goals are a little different than most club members who race.  I see a victory from just being out there, training and improving.   Maybe someday I’ll make a podium, but my motivation comes from within not from being recognized by others.  The following quote from Chris Carmichael pretty much sums it up for me:
“Teenage and college-age athletes think of fitness as a means to an end, the end being winning. As we get older, fitness needs to transition to being the end-goal, and competition the means or the motivation to achieve it. With all the competing priorities we face as adults, you have to find an activity you thoroughly enjoy in order to ensure that you’ll stick with it. I love riding my bike. …. I ride because I thoroughly enjoy training. I like the way it makes me feel – on and off the bike – and the way it helps with weight management, stress reduction, and energy levels.”

Gaben Moore (August 2014)

A Winning Pattern

Gaben Moore joined MadCity Racing this season, and he has posted some very nice road results for us. In his third year of bike racing, he’s been one of our most active racers. This is a healthy list of accomplishments:

  • La Crosse Omnium (4/5) - Time Trial - 3rd, Road Race - 5th, Overall - 3rd
  • Fox River Omnium (30+ 4/5) - Elgin Cycling Classic - 2nd, Fox River Grove Crit - 4th, Overall - 2nd
  • Tour of Galena Road Race (30+ 4/5) - 4th
  • State Crit (4/5) - 5th
  • State Time Trial (4/5) - 1st
  • State Omnium (4/5) - 1st

The most recent feather in Gaben’s cap was securing 3rd place in the Cat 4/5 WCA road series. Next year he plans to upgrade to 3’s and continue pushing for the podium in that series. 

Gaben ran cross country and track in college at Georgia Tech, but burned out on it and didn't do much in the way of exercise for a few years after graduation. He tried to get back into running, but couldn't stay healthy (lots of ankle/calf/knee problems). He ended up on a bike instead, and eventually made his way to be a valued member of the MadCity Racing team. 

He’ll be active in cyclocross again this fall, where his goal is to win a cat 4 race and upgrade to cat 3.

Brian Turany (July 2014)

On A Path To The Top Step

MCV is featuring Brian this month to celebrate his ToAD win at the hilly Road America race on a solo break. His journey there began in Sheboygan, where in his younger days he spent more time in other sports like football. After years of being overweight and a smoker, he made some major life changes. By 2008, he had lost about 70 pounds and he signed up for the ACT Ride, a 4 day / 300 mile charity bike ride for AIDS Network. He got his first road bike and met some great people including MCV's Shawn Bass, Allison Plummer, Tina Pacente, and Peter Thomas. 

With Shawn’s encouragement, he began racing TT’s and RR’s in 2010 and joined MadCity Velo. His favorite race that year was the Blue Mounds Classic. Brian recalls:

I remember bridging to the lead pack.  Greg Ferguson was up there and when I caught his wheel he said something like "What are you doing up here?"  Greg pointed out the Cat 1s and 2s who would be pulling my legs off on the finishing climb.  I hung for a while and had a top 20 finish in my first road race.” 

His results and experience continued to improve in 2011.  Then in 2012, the Tower Tour proved to be a critical moment.

“I figured a good finish would impress a gal I had started dating a few weeks earlier.  When I texted 'Chicken Dinner' to Meredith she know exactly what I meant. My first win in a road race.” 

In 2012, Brian raced the 200 mile Dirty Kanza gravel race to a top 40 finish. He also began racing cyclocross in order to spend more time with his fiancé and fellow MCVer (not to mention ‘cross wizard) Meredith Peterson. 

Brian’s a valuable member of MCV. Not only does he own our biggest win of the season so far, he’s the club president and a true cycling ambassador.


Kelsey Morgan (June 2014)

Early Success

A relative newcomer to bike racing, Kelsey joined MCV in 2013, and got her feet wet with a few races. In 2014, she has stormed out with some very impressive results. She has led the race team with the most victories and podiums in the early half of the season. Keep going, Kelsey!


  • 1st at the 2014 Whitnall Park Spring Classic (W4)
  • 3rd at 2014 GDVC #1 (W open)
  • 2nd at 2014 Muskego Park Crit (W4)

From Kelsey:
Since my racing "career" is only 1.5 seasons long at this point, I'm also proud of starting to race in the first place! Doing WOW and the two MCV races (Blue Mounds, KVTT) last year were definitely highlights. 

Upgrade to cat3
Start a break that sticks
sub 1-hr 40k (good to have a goal that is both a reach & requires a new bicycle!)

Chris Larson (April 2014)

A Man for All Seasons

This is Chris' 30th consecutive year racing bikes in all the road disciples - road racing, time trialing, criteriums. He even came out for one of the coldest cyclocross races in 2013. But inclement weather doesnt deter Chris. He is well-known for his hardman training goal to exceed 100 miles outdoors in every calendar month. Madison's brutal winter scored a temporary victory over Chris this past January when his streak of 143 consecutive months was broken.

A sampling of Chris' racing highlights:

  • He regularly races as part of the 4-man MCV TTT at Brice Prairie, winning it in 2013.
  • Also in 2013, he won his age group and finished 16th overall at the Mellen Road Race.
  • Other wins: 2010 Fitchburg Fast + Furious criterium, Badger State Games criterium (2 times), and the Neenah race in the mid-80s.
  • He's had strong finishes at another of his favorite races, Grandview. He nabbed 22nd (of 373) in the 2010 road race, and 13th overall in the 2008 time trial.
  • Top 15 finishes in the 2008 Stoughton and Kirke Vei time trials.

2014 Goals:

  • Break the one hour mark in the 4-man Brice Prairie TTT.
  • Three top-10 finishes in WCA masters 3/4.
  • Have fun!

In addition to his on-the-bike skills, MCV is proud and lucky to have Chris serve in the extremely important role of MadCity Velo Club treasurer. 

Clayton Griessmeyer (March 2014)

Many roles. Many talents. Many letters in his name.

Clay is very active in Madison bicycling. In addition to his place as a Cat 3 road and cyclocross racer with MadCity Racing, he is very visible in a number of other areas:

  • Wisconsin Bike Fed Board Member
  • Bike Injury lawyer (
  • Capital Brewery ride leader

 Asked to recall some of his bike racing favs, Clay gave us this: 

  1. Reason for getting into bike racing:  He was teaching fifth grade in Whitefish Bay and the parents of one of his students were both huge racers. They talked him into doing some long group rides, and eventually he took to racing, with his first race in Muskego.
  2. Cool early memory: Watching his brother Ryan race a Huffy Dash at the Badger State games when he was about 12.
  3. Favorite MadCity Velo race: Racing with Ryan at the Fitchburg Crit
  4. Most fun: 2013 Lake Geneva Cross in pouring rain and mud.
  5. Best finish: 3rd at 2013 Belleville Road Race thanks to blocking by MCV teammates.

 Clay also serves as MCV Vice President and is a runner when he isn’t being awesome on a bike. His fiancé Julie is into cyclocross as well, and is a new MCV member this year.



Kristin Korevec (February 2014)


Our Multi-sport Threat 

While MCV has a primary focus in bike racing, we have a few members with serious multi-sport credentials. Kristin is an Ironman veteran with some extremely impressive results. Her ultramarathon performances prove she can endure with a smile on her face. And disproving the notion that triathletes can’t sprint out of muddy corners in frigid temps, she has moved to the upper levels in Wisconsin cyclocross. In only 2 years of CX, she has multiple wins and most recently landed on the podium in the elite women’s state championship. Check out these palmares:

  • 9x Ironman triathlon finisher

  • Best ironman finish was Ironman Wisconsin in 2010 - finish time 10:44

  • Qualified for and competed in the Ironman World Championships in Kona in 2009 and 2011

  • Ran the Ice Age 50 mile ultra in 2010, 2011, and 2012

  • Ran the Kettle Moraine 100 mile ultra in 2012 (23 hours 43 minutes, 5th female finisher)

  • First CX season in 2012. Moved up to cat 3, then cat 1/2. Wins at Lake Geneva, USGP, FurtherCross, Sun Prairie Cup, Halloween Cross, and Estabrook. Also competed in the CX nat'l championships.

  • 2013 CX season - 3rd place at state championships for women's cat 1/2. 

Kristin is a regular on MCV group rides and CX races with her husband Larry Gundlach (longtime MCV/Atkins club member). That’s a lot of cycling power in that household!

Tom Starr (January 2014)


Marking 21 years of #tomness... 

Tom's been with MCV (and the previous Atkins Citizen Racing Club) since 1994, and most recently served for two years as club president. Since his first event in '93, he has honed his brand of racing fury and leadership into what is described as #tomness.  That event was the Atkins sponsored Capital City Classic starting and ending at the Riley Tavern. From Tom:

All that I remember from the race is 300+ racers/riders at the start line. Being dropped before we hit the first turn, finishing the race, and enjoying it immensely. Let the addiction begin!

Since then, #tomness has achieved:

  • 2 Belleville Road race overall victories.
  • 6 Badger State Games age group gold medals, 2 silver medals, and 2 bronze medals.
  • Second overall Citizens category Basalt - Norrie - Basalt Road Race in Aspen Colorado. The Citizens race was basicIy 5 flat miles at the beginning, then a 10.5 mile climb to the Ruedi Reservoir along the Frying Pan River. Tom was in Basalt Colorado near Aspen with six Atkins teammates for a week of cycling.
  • Helped the Atkins club win the overall Wisport team competitions 3 years in a row.
  • 3 Wisconsin State Championship time trial bronze medals.
  • 1 Wisconsin State Championship criterium silver medal.
  • 2 Wisconsin State Championship cyclocross silver medals.
  • 2 second place overall finishes on the same day at the Great Dane Velo Crit. #2 2010. Second to Greg Ferguson in the Master's 45+ 3/4 race and second in the Master's 45+ 4 race.
  • Second place finish to teammate Larry Gundlach at the 2010 Tour of America's Dairyland stage 9 Fond Du Lac Grand Prix.
  • 2010 Wisconsin Cup points winner in Masters 45+ Cat 4 

Tom's Goals for 2014:
??? The schedules are not posted yet, so it is a work in progress. I do want to get back to my strength and do more time trials this year. I also have a goal of participating at the 2015 Masters National roads in Ogden Utah when I turn 55. I may even participate this year if I can achieve some 2010 type fitness.