Who We Are

We are teachers, business people, students, tradesmen, professionals, fathers, mothers, retirees – in other words, regular people - who share the bond of cycling.  We rally around a philosophy that centers on getting fit, riding faster, learning race tactics, participating in races, working together as a team, and HAVING FUN!

Training Rides

The club maintains a somewhat regular ride schedule throughout the cycling season, generally April through September. We also try to throw in a few spontaneous rides during the more inclement months to build some character and keep us on the bike in the off season.  Our rides are based in the south central Wisconsin area.  Tuesday and Thursday evenings are our traditional club training rides.  Most of these are challenging rides with the purpose of improving fitness and racing skills, but sometimes we designate easier-paced social rides, typically involving post-ride food and libations.   Feel free to view our rides on the calendar to join us on our next ride.  Please email Steve Wehrley (President) if you are not a club member but are interested in trying a ride.

Racing Venues

Our USAC racing team, MadCity Racing, focuses on WCA road and cyclocross series. For many other members, the WISport racing series is their principal venue. Wisport shares the racing philosophy of “for the normally obsessed” and caters to non-licensed racers throughout Wisconsin. Our members also compete in ABR bike races, as well as triathlons, WORS MTB racesand adventure races.  MadCity Velo jerseys are also common while commuting, and at area charity rides and centuries. We encourage and support our teammates in all of these venues.

Sponsored Races

For 2019, the club is sponsoring one big event; the State Time Trial.  We expect club members (and/or their friends and family if they want to race) to help out at these event.

Community Involvement

The club recognizes the importance of giving back to the community where we ride. In that spirit, we participate in the Dane County adopt-a-highway program for a portion of our Blue Mounds Classic course along County Highway F. We also donate a portion of the proceeds from each of the events we sponsor to local charities

Club Membership

New members may join at any point during the year. Membership is $25 annually.  We need and expect all club members to help out in some way at the events we put on (e.g. it could be sweeping the course the night beforehand, corner guarding the day of, or it could be making cookies ahead of time!)  We hope that all club members will join some club rides during the season.

If you are interested in joining the MadCity Velo Club, Steve Wehrley


President:Steve Wehrley

Vice-President: Sal Troia

Treasurer:    Shirley Crocker

Website:    Jesus

Fitchburg Crit Race Director:    Chris Moreland

Kirke Vei TT Race Director:    Sal Troia & Steve Wehrley